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Welcome, August!


It’s still hot here in Las Vegas, so I’ll still be inside having a love affair with my air conditioner. A big shout out to the hubby who fixed our a/c and saved us lots of money.


Looking forward to many things in August:


School Supplies

School starts back this month, so there are sales on school supplies. Even though I don’t have children whenever I walk into the store and see school supplies I go nuts…


I want more pens, markers, folders, and oh my god…journals! I need it all even though the hubby reminds me we have plenty at home. Never can have enough…Need more.




Preseason Football starts – Yes! Love watching pro and college football. The hubby who is from Nebraska is a big Nebraska Cornhuskers fan and by marriage so am I.

It’s just fun to sit down with family and friends and watch a good game with good food and drinks.


Anti-Inflammatory Diet


People who have auto immune diseases usually have a high sedimentation rate which I do because of my CIDP. So I have decided to start incorporating more anti-inflammatory recipes into my life. I hope it helps. I’ll let y’all know how it goes.


Writing and Reading


I have two WIP I will be starting this month. Thinking positive thoughts, it goes well. I’m excited to work on these stories.

I also know that there will be many new releases from the many authors I follow. Reading soothes my soul and makes me happy.



Also, we are a step closer to Fall and cooler weather (yes), Ice hockey, new fall tv season, and the holidays.


Smiles, Happy/Positive thoughts, Laughter To All.

JK Burch

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