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Welcome, August!


It’s still hot here in Las Vegas, so I’ll still be inside having a love affair with my air conditioner. A big shout out to the hubby who fixed our a/c and saved us lots of money.


Looking forward to many things in August:


School Supplies

School starts back this month, so there are sales on school supplies. Even though I don’t have children whenever I walk into the store and see school supplies I go nuts…


I want more pens, markers, folders, and oh my god…journals! I need it all even though the hubby reminds me we have plenty at home. Never can have enough…Need more.




Preseason Football starts – Yes! Love watching pro and college football. The hubby who is from Nebraska is a big Nebraska Cornhuskers fan and by marriage so am I.

It’s just fun to sit down with family and friends and watch a good game with good food and drinks.


Anti-Inflammatory Diet


People who have auto immune diseases usually have a high sedimentation rate which I do because of my CIDP. So I have decided to start incorporating more anti-inflammatory recipes into my life. I hope it helps. I’ll let y’all know how it goes.


Writing and Reading


I have two WIP I will be starting this month. Thinking positive thoughts, it goes well. I’m excited to work on these stories.

I also know that there will be many new releases from the many authors I follow. Reading soothes my soul and makes me happy.



Also, we are a step closer to Fall and cooler weather (yes), Ice hockey, new fall tv season, and the holidays.


Smiles, Happy/Positive thoughts, Laughter To All.

JK Burch

Famous Quotes

Famous Quotes!


This quote answers positively all my fears and negativity of wanting to try new things.


It gives me the courage to try, and that is powerful.


Please share some of your positive quotes.


Thank you for reading.

Smiles, Happy/Positive thoughts, Laughter To All.

J.K. Burch

Things I Love

Favorite Comedy TV Shows!

My favorite top 10 comedy tv shows (for now) I can watch over and over again.

I Love Lucy – 1951 to 1957 – I love this show so much that I have the entire series on DVD, but will still watch on tv when an episode is on. Every woman should be lucky enough to have a best friend like Lucy had in Ethel. I can be extremely sick and this show will make me feel better. Just goes to show that laughter is the best medicine.

 Bewitched – 1964 to 1972 – I have always been fascinated with magic and loved Samantha the witch. The bickering between Endora and Darrin was funny. I liked both actors that played Darrin, but my favorite was the first Darrin – Dick York.

I Dream of Jeannie – 1965 to 1970 – I was in love with Jeannie and the fact that she called Tony ‘Master’. Tony could get himself into so much trouble. It’s hard to believe that Larry Hagman played Tony and JR Ewing later on in the show Dallas – Two totally opposite characters.

Brady Bunch – 1969 to 1974 – As an only child this show became like family to me when I watched after getting home from school. Even today I still like watching this show even though my husband rolls his eyes and makes gagging noise while I watch it. “Marcia, Marcia, Marcia”

Golden Girls – 1985 to 1992 – The combination of these four characters makes me giggle. Rose’s stories about St. Olaf are hilarious, Sophia speaks her mind and to hell what people think, Blanche was always man-hungry, and Dorothy was the practical one. Even though I’ve seen all episodes many times I always get sucked in to watch an episode if it comes on while watching tv.

Full House – 1987 to 1995 – I was a big fan of John Stamos from his time as Blackie Parrish on General Hospital so when I heard he had a new show Full House I had to watch. The show sucks you in and I love it. I now also watch Fuller House on Netflix.

Home Improvement – 1991 to 1999 – What’s not to love about accident prone and know-it-all Tim Taylor. I love how he retells Wilson’s stories. The Halloween and Christmas shows are funny. Also how they always covered Wilson’s face from the eyes down – very creative.

Frasier – 1993 to 2004 – I liked Frasier from “Cheers” and started watching this show and fell in love with the cast. Niles’ obsession with Daphne is fun to watch over the seasons.

Reba – 2001 to 2007 – This show was about family even though it’s not the perfect classic description of a family. Reba is divorce and her husband’s new wife is pregnant as well as her teenage daughter. Yes, you might not want to like your ex’s new wife, but eventually, they do become a family. I liked that. My favorite was Van. His lines crack me up.

Big Bang Theory – 2007 to present – This show makes liking science cool. I love it. Sheldon cracks me up. DVR this show and always watch this show when the reruns show on cable.

I know there are so many other shows that I watch when the reruns come on, but this list is my favorites.

What are some of your favorite shows that you must watch when the reruns come on?

J.K. Burch


Going Blond and It’s Epic Failure!

When I was sixteen years old, I decided I wanted to go from dark brown hair to blond. I wanted to be like Stevie Nicks from Fleetwood Mac.


On Saturday I went to the store and bought the most beautiful blond color. When I got home I was so excited to get started. I followed the directions. While I was waiting until I could rinse the color out I imagined my gorgeous blond hair….




My orange tabby cat Angus thought my hair color was a fabulous orange color.



Love Your Gorgeous Red Hair…We Twins!



What I didn’t know was that my hair had a lot of red undertones. I was in the bathroom crying when my mom came and checked on me. She felt so bad for me. Being the good mother that she is, the next day she went to the store and got some peroxide and another box of the blond color.


Now I know as you all are reading this you may be cringing…yeah me too now that I know what can happen.


After using the peroxide and then the blond color I melted my hair. Melted My Hair…I didn’t even know that was possible. I was left a crying, miserable, emotional, dramatic teenager that wanted to hide from the world.


On Monday I got into the hairdresser because the owner knew my family and took pity on me. The girl who worked on my hair was good and made it look half way decent. My hair was cut very short and I had to go back to a brown color.


It was an embarrassing lesson learned. It did grow out and I survived even though at the time I didn’t think I would. I can laugh at the story now. Two life lessons I learned: One – I go to a salon when I want to try something crazy and Two – even though it turned out bad I’m glad I tried something new.


Please share similar stories if you would like to.

J.K. Burch


Let’s Try This Again!


Keep Trying!



I thought I was back, but then life issues took over. After taking care of everything and feeling a bit sorry for myself, I’m going to try this again.

After promising myself that 2017 would be the year I get my life together in many areas; I now realize the year is more than half over and I feel like a failure. After a pep talk with myself, I am determined to do it. So here I go.

  1. I plan to write daily on the blog (some long and some short).
  2. Write on the many stories in my head that are begging to be told.
  3. Eat healthier by trying some anti-inflammatory diet recipes and exercise for at least 10 minutes a day.
  4. Post more on Instagram.
  5. Trying to get a better nights sleep. I tend to be a night owl and that’s not good for my health.

What are some of your tips to getting back on track and/or What are some things you want to work on?

Thank you for reading.

J.K. Burch

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I’m Back!

Sorry I have been away from my blog. Had some medical issues, painted and fixed up my office, and then my computer died. I so wanted to give up. After a small pity party and encouragement from my husband…I am back.

Medical Issues:

I have an autoimmune disease called CIDP – Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy. It is the chronic version of GBS. I was first diagnosed with GBS – Guillain-Barre Syndrome in July 2011. In October 2011 my diagnoses was changed from GBS to CIDP. Here is a website for all information on GBS/CIDP

I receive IVIG – Intravenous Immune  Globulins – infusions for three days, every three weeks. The common side effects are flu like symptoms and migraines. I have notice that for me, when the weather changes the side effects hit me harder. With the weather changes here in Las Vegas, the side effects have hit me harder recently.

Make Over For Office:

Since I was down with side effects, my husband decided it was the right time to paint and fix up my office for me. I pick the paint color of Twilight Mist and the hubs did the rest. Here are some pictures.

My Office Pic 3This picture shows the wall color, sofa from Ikea, and the cork board & part of the white board.


My Office Pic 2This picture shows the magnetic board, white board and the cork board.

The hubby did a real good job. Loved how it turned out.

Computer Crash:

I started writing again for about a week and then my computer crashed. Then I had a bad reaction to the side effects of the IVIG. I was so disappointed and just wanted to give up. After a small pity party, I now have my computer back and I’m feeling better.

I’m excited to be writing again. Have a great day.


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Be Careful What You Say and Never Say Never:

I said I would never, ever wear one of these hats and I damn sure would never marry someone who did. Little did I know that the Fates took that as a challenge.


Corn Cob.jpeg
Nebraska Cornhuser Corn Cob Hat

In the 80s I was a big fan of college football. I always saw the fans of the Nebraska Cornhuskers wearing these corn cob hats. Honestly, I thought the hats were ridiculous. I told my parents that not only would I never wear one; I would never date or marry someone who would wear one. My parents laughed at me and my dad said, “be careful what you say. You never know who you may meet and marry”. I shook my head and with an attitude said, “nope, not going to happen”.

Fast Forward To 1999:

In 1992, I fell in love with the sport ice hockey. Still watched football, but hockey was my passion. In September 1999, I met a wonderful guy online and we had many things in common. One was that he liked and played the sport ice hockey. We met, fell in love, and married.

Here is where the Fates laughingly enter…what for it…he was from Omaha, Nebraska. Dear, lovable, mom and dad just had to remember my words and tell him. They handed him ammo to use against me for the rest of our marriage and he uses it too. Lol. It’s a good thing he’s a keeper and thankfully he doesn’t own a corn cob hat. Though I would wear one for him…maybe.

So be careful what you say because the Fates may make you look foolish and trust me they are sitting back with a bucket of buttered popcorn enjoying the show.

If anyone has similar stories and wants to share them, I would love to hear them. Have a great day.


Don’t Mess With The Thin Mints.

I never thought that a cookie could cause an argument and possible breakup between a couple. Surprisingly, I’m still around to tell you it is possible.

Now in my defense, while growing up I lived in the country and was’t involved with the Girl Scouts. If my mom bought Girl Scout cookies I don’t remember them. Sad I know.

My fiancé (now hubby) received Girl Scouts Thin Mints from his parents for Christmas 1999. This box of cookies started a war that is still on going.

Our First Disagreement Was About Thin Mints

Hubby always worked long hours during the New Year’s Eve celebration at a casino on the strip in Las Vegas. I was new to the town, no friends yet, and missing my family so I grabbed his box of Thin Mint. I only planned on having a few, but those cookies are so addicting and before I knew it the box was gone. Foolishly, I thought no problem I’ll just buy him some more cookies when I went to the store or online at their website.

About a week later, hubby, went looking for his Thin Mints and asked me where I put them. I told him ‘in my belly’ and that we needed to pick some more up at the store. The look I received from him was between utter shock and I’m going to murder you.

I was like what? Seriously what is the big deal? Needlessly to say I got a lesson on the Girl Scouts, how they only sell cookies during a certain time of the year, and that Thin Mints are their bestsellers. I was in the doghouse. He told his parents and anyone that would listen that I ate his last box of Thin Mints.

I felt bad…well only a little bit bad…and promised I would buy him ten boxes the next time the Girl Scouts were selling them. He finally said okay, but would never forget or forgive me for eating his Thin Mints.

Now He Hides the Thin Mints

It doesn’t matter who buys the Thin Mints, once hubby sees them, he is hiding them around the house like a squirrel hiding nuts for the winter.

I find them in the most bizarre places and always high up. Since I’m only five foot the hubby’s theory is to hide them high up where I can’t get them. Foolish man. That’s a challenge this wife can’t pass up.

Lesson – Don’t Challenge A Wife

I will admit that hubby is the bird feed owner trying to keep the squirrel out and I’m the squirrel going through the obstacles to get to the prize. Once the Thin Mint boxes are found, then I send him the ransom picture.

Thin Mints Ransom Note.jpg

Then I hide his Thin Mints for him to find, which he does. I would be embarrassed if he didn’t – he’s a Marine dammit and should find them.

This if what keeps the marriage exciting or maybe we’re just weird. Yeah weird explains us for seventeen years.