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Welcome, August!


It’s still hot here in Las Vegas, so I’ll still be inside having a love affair with my air conditioner. A big shout out to the hubby who fixed our a/c and saved us lots of money.


Looking forward to many things in August:


School Supplies

School starts back this month, so there are sales on school supplies. Even though I don’t have children whenever I walk into the store and see school supplies I go nuts…


I want more pens, markers, folders, and oh my god…journals! I need it all even though the hubby reminds me we have plenty at home. Never can have enough…Need more.




Preseason Football starts – Yes! Love watching pro and college football. The hubby who is from Nebraska is a big Nebraska Cornhuskers fan and by marriage so am I.

It’s just fun to sit down with family and friends and watch a good game with good food and drinks.


Anti-Inflammatory Diet


People who have auto immune diseases usually have a high sedimentation rate which I do because of my CIDP. So I have decided to start incorporating more anti-inflammatory recipes into my life. I hope it helps. I’ll let y’all know how it goes.


Writing and Reading


I have two WIP I will be starting this month. Thinking positive thoughts, it goes well. I’m excited to work on these stories.

I also know that there will be many new releases from the many authors I follow. Reading soothes my soul and makes me happy.



Also, we are a step closer to Fall and cooler weather (yes), Ice hockey, new fall tv season, and the holidays.


Smiles, Happy/Positive thoughts, Laughter To All.

JK Burch

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I’m Back!

Sorry I have been away from my blog. Had some medical issues, painted and fixed up my office, and then my computer died. I so wanted to give up. After a small pity party and encouragement from my husband…I am back.

Medical Issues:

I have an autoimmune disease called CIDP – Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy. It is the chronic version of GBS. I was first diagnosed with GBS – Guillain-Barre Syndrome in July 2011. In October 2011 my diagnoses was changed from GBS to CIDP. Here is a website for all information on GBS/CIDP

I receive IVIG – Intravenous Immune  Globulins – infusions for three days, every three weeks. The common side effects are flu like symptoms and migraines. I have notice that for me, when the weather changes the side effects hit me harder. With the weather changes here in Las Vegas, the side effects have hit me harder recently.

Make Over For Office:

Since I was down with side effects, my husband decided it was the right time to paint and fix up my office for me. I pick the paint color of Twilight Mist and the hubs did the rest. Here are some pictures.

My Office Pic 3This picture shows the wall color, sofa from Ikea, and the cork board & part of the white board.


My Office Pic 2This picture shows the magnetic board, white board and the cork board.

The hubby did a real good job. Loved how it turned out.

Computer Crash:

I started writing again for about a week and then my computer crashed. Then I had a bad reaction to the side effects of the IVIG. I was so disappointed and just wanted to give up. After a small pity party, I now have my computer back and I’m feeling better.

I’m excited to be writing again. Have a great day.