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Be Careful What You Say and Never Say Never:

I said I would never, ever wear one of these hats and I damn sure would never marry someone who did. Little did I know that the Fates took that as a challenge.


Corn Cob.jpeg
Nebraska Cornhuser Corn Cob Hat

In the 80s I was a big fan of college football. I always saw the fans of the Nebraska Cornhuskers wearing these corn cob hats. Honestly, I thought the hats were ridiculous. I told my parents that not only would I never wear one; I would never date or marry someone who would wear one. My parents laughed at me and my dad said, “be careful what you say. You never know who you may meet and marry”. I shook my head and with an attitude said, “nope, not going to happen”.

Fast Forward To 1999:

In 1992, I fell in love with the sport ice hockey. Still watched football, but hockey was my passion. In September 1999, I met a wonderful guy online and we had many things in common. One was that he liked and played the sport ice hockey. We met, fell in love, and married.

Here is where the Fates laughingly enter…what for it…he was from Omaha, Nebraska. Dear, lovable, mom and dad just had to remember my words and tell him. They handed him ammo to use against me for the rest of our marriage and he uses it too. Lol. It’s a good thing he’s a keeper and thankfully he doesn’t own a corn cob hat. Though I would wear one for him…maybe.

So be careful what you say because the Fates may make you look foolish and trust me they are sitting back with a bucket of buttered popcorn enjoying the show.

If anyone has similar stories and wants to share them, I would love to hear them. Have a great day.